Day 2

Hey guys! I’m feeling so sluggish and exhausted today! The weather has been frightenly cold here, and because of that, my skin hates me! Very painful right now. On the bright side, I made it through Day 1! I feel bad for all of the people around me because I’m going to be very irritable… Craving all the sweets! Here I thought swallowing the pills would be the difficult part.. HA I thought wrong. It’s one of those situations that you want what you can’t have! On a “normal” day before doing this protocol I really didn’t eat much sweets. NOW knowing that I can’t have them I want them all!! There’s a saying I heard once that really stuck with me to help with the cravings… “Today I quit, tomorrow I’ll eat it (chocolate and cookies in my case!!)” Tomorrow comes, and you say the same thing! You almost trick your mind into not eating it, because you’re going to have it “tomorrow”. I don’t know, but I know it works for me! Even if I’m kicking and screaming the whole time. The odd and exciting part is, I’m already feeling less bloated. I’ve been thinking about tracking my mood daily to see how it changes throughout this process! The goal is that by the end of the three month protocol, no only will my skin be CLEAR! but I’ll have more energy as well! Fingers crossed!

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