One week ago I started the “candida/ Bacterial overgrowth protocol” by Steven Cabral a naturopathic doctor based out of Boston. I randomly came across his page a few months back, and began listening to his podcasts daily! In one of his podcasts he had mentioned that people who have suffered from psoriasis from an early age, the cause is usually a gut based issue. He had mentioned the protocol in that podcasts, and I remember instantly thinking I had to try it! I’ve been struggling with psoriasis my entire life, it’s been far from easy. So one week ago today I began doing the protocol. I took before pictures of my entire body (legs, torso, back, scalp) before starting the protocol. Today I’m so beyond excited to share with you how much my skin has changes in just ONE week! I’ve been so moody this past week giving up carbs! With this protocol you have to be on a pretty strict eating regimen. BUT after seeing how in just one week my skin has changed, I would give up carbs forever (or mostly forever)! Looking forward to sharing many more before and after pictures! Truly believe I’m on the road to clear skin!

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