Stop, be still, and listen

Stop! Close your eyes, be still, and listen. Listen to your body and all the surrounds you. How often do we stop, and focus on the present moment. The past is gone, the future is yet to happen, and the present… the present is for a split second.. right now. What if you could make that split second last just a little bit longer. We as human beings are always rushing around. We have work, responsibilities, chores, family, friends, gym etc. Trying to balance it all can be chaotic and cause you to fast forward through time. So, what I’m asking you to do right now is to stop. Stop, be still, and listen. We are rushing through life, and as a result, not really living it! Take a moment to appreciate the beauty of life! Be mindful. Instead of rushing through work today because you don’t want to be there, rushing to do your chores, rushing through your day because you’re already thinking about when you can go back to bed, slow down. It could be as simple as when you’re driving to work, notice the trees in a way that you haven’t before. Feel the steering wheel in your hands, the weight under you as you’re seated, and smell the fresh air as it fills your car! It’s easy to let things in life stress you out. I’m not saying you’ll always be stress free, and happy all the time! BUT, if you learn how to really just be at peace and live for the moment you’ll be a lot more stress free.

I’ve recently had a lot of things that could be perceived as “bad things” happen to me in the past month. I could chose to let it tear me down, but what benefit would that bring. Things will happen in life, good things, bad things, tragic, happy, silly etc. When you can finally chose to acknowledge them as what they are, and let go of anything that does not serve you in a positive way, you can truly be happy. We have no control over things that can happen in life, but we can control how we react to it! Being mindful is something you have to practice daily, and eventually will become a habit; be patient. My challenge for you today, is to practice being mindful when you’re taking a shower after your long “stressful” day. Close your eyes and focus on: the way the water feels, where it’s touching your body, maybe the temperature, what does it sound like? Imagine it’s washing away any negativity/stress that may have happened throughout the day; cleansing your body and soul. Taking a moment to be grateful. Grateful for all that you have, grateful to have this moment, this life.

Things may happen in life, and you may question “why me.” Well STOP. The truth of the matter is, it has happened to you! So what will you do about it! Let it control you, or you take control of it! In that moment is when you need to stop, be still, and listen.


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