Natural Supplements

Hey Guys! I’ve tried several natural remedies and supplements over the years. This page is where I’d like to share with you ones that have worked for me, and ones that I’m trying now! I hope they work for you as well! Please do share if you’ve tried others, and/ or how they’ve affected you!

EMU OIL: Topical

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I bought this oil from: Bright Morning Star Center for healing. If you live in the Raynham/ Taunton area this store is AMAZING! They’re very helpful as well. They recommended this oil to me, and it’s made a big difference with my skin! It’s topical, so this oil is to help heal the product of what’s going on inside your body.



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This is great! Something that you can buy at any food store. I’ve notice this works best for my scalp, apposed to my torso/leg areas. I apply it at night, and let the magic happen! Just make sure to wash it out very well 🙂 I’ve also tried doing conditioning treatments by combining coconut oil, olive oil, and hot water! Let it sit for about 20 minutes, and then rinse out in the shower.